Terms and conditions

Access at ARTmania Festival 2020

1.1 Tickets, passes and invitations are NOT transmittable and can only be used by those who have bought them or received them and only during the festival. 

1.2 Tickets are available for buying at authorized selling points and on their websites. 

1.3 Also, tickets and passes can be bought on the organizer's website through an account: anyone can create one (using name, surname, mail address and phone number) and continue the buying process through the payment processor where card details are used for an online payment. 

1.4 Payment processor is NETOPIA mobilPAY and for their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy please visit their website. In regards to these information please check the Privacy Policy tab, those interested are obliged to furnish them completely and correctly. The organizers reserve the right to contact authorities in case of any misinformation or fraud attempts. 

1.5 Once the buying and paying process is completed and payment confirmed, the client will receive a mail with their ticket(s) and their pass(es), that can also be found in the website account. Tickets are furnished by the BLT.ro ticketing company and please check their website for their Terms and Conditions and their Privacy Policy. 

1.6 Those who buy tickets or passes should check the validity of the tickets and, in case of suspicion, should announce the organizers using the info@artmania.ro email address. 

Any subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration.

ARTmania will NOT offer any compensations in case of alleged fraud.  

1.7 The organizer reserves the right to modify at any time the ticket prices (for example, when ending a promotional period), those interested should follow the official website and official sellers (where prices are displayed) before buying. Modifications of ticket/pass prices do NOT affect those who have a confirmed payment before these modifications occur. 

1.8 Once bought, tickets and passes cannot be returned. Money equivalent for tickets or passes can only be refunded only if the festival is cancelled by any other factor than force majeure (any external event, unpredictable, absolutely invincible and unavoidable). 

1.9 Tickets and passes, as well as invitations, will be scanned, and after confirmed as valid, they will exchanged into access bracelet upon festival entrance, for a day or for two days, according to ticket/pass type.  A festival Info Point will be open in all festival days between 12:00 - 00:00.

1.10 Info Point personnel have the right to ask any ticket or pass owner to show an identity act as proof of age. 

1.11 Access bracelets are NOT transmissible, allowing access on the festival grounds (in the concert area and secondary events) only to those who have had it fitted after a ticket exchange. Wearing the bracelet is mandatory throughout the festival period and it can be checked at any time, on festival grounds or upon access. 

1.12 Breaking, deteriorating or losing the bracelet cancels festival access. For reentry a new ticket of pass must be bought and exchanged for a new bracelet. 

1.13 Rules regarding access bracelets are valid for all festival goers, regardless of their age, except for children, as follows. 

2. Access for different categories 

2.1 Children have free access at the festival only and if only they are accompanied by an adult who has a valid day ticket/full pass. 

2.2 When the ticket is exchanged, the accompanying adult must present a copy of the child's birth certificate and a filled-in declaration. The child will also receive an access bracelet. Children are not allowed leaving festival grounds without an adult, except for medical situations when they will be accompanied by medical personnel. 

2.3 We recommend use of ear muffs for children under the age of 10. The organizer does not encourage presence of small children at such events, where strong sounds and noise can affect their hearing.  

Adults are responsible for children safety. 

Access with strollers is forbidden. 

2.4 Minors ( young people who have not turned 16 by the first festival day) can  join the festival only if they have bought a ticket/pass and only they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket/pass. When the ticket is exchanged, the adult must present, at the Info Point, a proof of age (birth certificate copy for those under 14 and ID for those over 14) and a filled-in declaration. The minor will also receive an access bracelet. The minor will not be able to leave the festival grounds without an adult, except for extreme situations like public evacuation or medical emergencies, when he will be escorted by medical personnel. 

2.5 Young people under the age of 18 (16 and over) can enter the festival only if they have a valid ticket/pass. 

2.6 Disabled individuals are granted free access to the festival. In case a disabled person suffers from a sever handicap and requires assistance, their carer will also have free access. Those requiring assistance can only receive an access bracelet if they are accompanied. Disabled individuals who do not require a special carer can only receive access for themselves. 

In order to receive an access bracelet, disabled individuals will present at the Info Point an identity card and a copy of the invalidity certificate. Both disabled individuals and their carer, if such the case, will receive an access bracelet. 

3. Restrictions

3.1 All festival goers are required to pass a light body check and baggage control, and all those over the age of 14 must carry at all times, a valid identity card, as proof of age. 

3.2 The organizers has the right to restrict the access or remove from festival perimeter of those who:

- refuse light body search;

- are aggressive;

- are under the influence of drugs or severely intoxicated;

- are violent or disruptive towards other members of the audience;

- could present a danger to other festival goers or disrupt the event;

- present a behavior that endangers the event; 

- children and minors without adult supervision (access to these individuals is restricted, but if they have already entered festival grounds the organizer will contact either the responsible adult or police, in order to deliver them safely to their parents/tutors).

3.4 All festival goers are obliged to maintain a civilized conduct towards everyone else and they should not harm the rights or other individuals, artists, organizers and their partners. 

3.5 Festival goers are advised to take care of the children and the minors they are responsible for and also NOT to leave their property unsupervised. 

The organizers ask the public to be vigilant and in case they notice any incidents that can endanger participants, their belongings or the festival itself to announce a festival representative or security personnel. 

3.6 All participants are responsible to any damage they may cause, and the organizer is NOT responsible for any losses, thefts, damages (partial or total) or any other acts from a third party (including a festival partner representative), which can cause a devalue of an object (including photo/video devices used by press).

3.7 The organizer is constantly available to the public to help maintain a good festival atmosphere and avoid any distressful situations. 

Therefore, the organizer has the right to temporary suspend access in certain perimeters, in case it considers those areas have reached its maximum capacity.

3.8 The organizer is NOT responsible for any health problems a participant could have, caused by a preexisting condition amplified by festival elements (like crowded spaces, strong noises, lighting effects).  Also, the organizer is NOT responsible for any health issues a participant could habe due to the action of omission of a third party - participant, partner, or any other individual not linked to the organizer. 

3.9 Access in festival area is FORBIDDEN with:

- pets,

- food and drink from outside the festival perimeter (including non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks)

- psychoactive substances,

- any blunt objects that can be considered dangerous, white weapons, penknife, chains, etc.,

- any type of materials or pyrotechnic materials,

- sprays (including self-defense sprays),

- any glass or metal bottles (water, perfume, cream),

- flammable cosmetic products,

- lasers and Chinese lanterns,

- plastic canteens, tins and drink cans,

- umbrellas (we recommend rain capes),

- banners on sticks,

- large filming equipment, tripods, detachable flashes (photography is permitted without flash that could disturb the artists on stage or other festival goers).

- any type substances forbidden by law. 

3.10 Access is forbidden with also the following:

- large bags (we recommend bags and backpacks no larger than 55x40x20cm, sizes accepted by airline carriers),

- motorbike, bike or any other type of helmet,

- strollers, skateboards, scooters, bicycles,

- chairs (normal or folding).

The following objects CANNOT be left at the luggage are:

- food or any other perishable item,

- alcohol,

- toxic, flammable or explosive materials,

- valuable (jewelry, money, watches, phones, etc), or any paper that serves as a proof of age or identification.

3.11 Access is allowed with:

- prescription medicine, 

- rain coats,

- wheelchairs,

- photo cameras, including profession equipment (the organizer has the right to restrict certain areas to filming or photography, in case of nonobservance the organizer has the right to delete such material and evacuate the culprits)

- backpacks no larger than  55x40x20cm.

3.12 ARTmania Festival will offer participants an area for drinks and snacks, available throughout the festival period.  

3.13 Participants are forbidden any type of economical activity on the festival grounds (including promoting own or third party services), demonstrations, manifestations of any nature, handing out flyers, indoctrination attempts and any other form of behavior that could affect the general public disposition.

3.14 Selling of alcohol and cigarettes to minors is forbidden. The organizer and its partner have the right to ask for a proof of age to any festival goer. 

4. First-aid area

The first-aid area will be set on the left side of the stage, in a visible manner for all participants. In case a participant cannot reach this area on its own, one should ask from help from the organizers of security personnel. 

5. Payment options at ARTmania Festival 2020

Details coming soon.

6. Intellectual Property

6.1 All materials included on this site and in the festival area are property of the organizer and/or its partners. All images, logos, texts present in the festival area are reproduced with the owner's permission (in case they have not been already assigned). All these elements fall under intellectual property registration. 

6.2 Participants cannot copy, share, publish or include, in order to obtain money, any such materials or documents without the express, preliminary and in written form agreement from the organizers and/or its partners.  

6.3 The organizer has the image rights to the whole festival and can use photo and video images, realized by the itself and by its public, in different materials realized with the festival occasion. 

6.4 By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the participants accept that the organizer and its partners, press members, and any other individuals who have festival access can make video & audio recordings of the festival.

6.5 By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the participants offer their agreement to recording and publishing their image, looks and actions, understanding and accepting that the organizer can save and duplicate such recordings and distribute them through specific methods, can make them public in any other way, including to promote future festival editions, through any digital (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) or other type of means. 

6.6 By accepting the Terms and Conditions, limited by law, the participants renounce any type of financial claims or of other nature against the organizer, related to above described actions. 

6.7 Limited by the Terms and Conditions, as well as the law, participants have the right to film or photograph during the festival, as long as the devices used are not forbidden or do not include forbidden items. 

6.8 Participants making any kind of recordings during the festival are forbidden, without an express, preliminary and written agreement from the organizer, to use them in order to obtain any material gains. 

7. Organizer liability. Disputes

7.1 Additional to those mentioned above, the organizer is NOT responsible for:

- any claims made by persons who have entered the festival area without the right or by violating either the Terms and Conditions, or the law, 

- any actions, omissions, events and so on, realized outside the festival area,

- delays in evacuation the audience caused by the audience or outside factors, 

- the duration of festival access process, 

- modifications of certain festival segments, in order to ensure a smooth event,

- artist performance, 

- the unexpected and unannounced absence of an artist (the organizer will make all the changes necessary in order to ensure a smooth event),

- quality and conformity pf products, services or objects sold by partner merchandise stands, 

- no claim made on the action or omission of a participant, partner or any other person that has no relation with the organizer, 

- no claim on a event caused by something that does not fall under the judicial responsibility of the organizer, 

- no claim when it is founded on a cause where the law does not provide responsibility to the organizer.

7.2 Any person who has a claim against the organizer will contact it directly in order to settle the dispute amicably. 

7.3 In case that, following all the necessary steps, no consensus has been obtain, the dispute will be settled in a court of law. 

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